#198: Dreams in Heaven

Name: Christian Chou
Site: blog
"My name is Christian Chou and I'm from Tahiti, grew up in Sydney. I work in the aviation industry and hopefully I get to travel around the world more expanding more knowledge in history and fulfilling my life with happy days!"

Have you got any beauty, makeup and hair tips and stylish secrets?
I use to get many compliments for my hair, but really I just always wash my hair with water everyday and style it when it's damp. But now days I just tie it back.

When did you first fall in love with fashion ?
I really don't know when, it just grew onto me when I was younger. I always looked down upon myself in comparison to my friends - but you can't change how you look, but you can always improve yourself!

What inspired you to start your own blog?
Fun! It looks fun but it sure is difficult to maintain and keep it up to date consistently. But when you meet others that also blogs, it motivates myself. 

What is the story behind your blog's name ?
At first was for fun and also to be a diary for me. A diary to document to show the evolution of fashion and hopefully I can one day look back at the fun journey I have made.

Who usually took your pictures ?
Usually it's my friends whoever is free, sometimes tripod. But lately I've been so fortunate, Linda from Sweden is here visiting and she's motivating me so much more and helping a lot more - check out her blog on: http://lindaryden.blogg.se

What's on your iPod / DVD player at the moment ?
Right now? I'm sitting on the steps waiting outside a change room listening to some weird rap music I have no idea what their singing to. But before I know was The Fray.

What are your dreams and aspirations?
My own dream is to help out charities with my upcoming brand "Raw Saints" seeing as fashion is the universal language to express themselves who they are without saying a word.

What do you take with you on vacation?
My camera and my laptop and snap, snap, snap away! Love going on adventurous vacations!

Which designers and/or celebrities most inspire you?
I really love nudie jeans, their one of the most comfortable jeans and clothing ever. Their really expensive but sometimes I think positively - it was worth it! It would be so cool to collaborate with them!

What is the one item in your wardrobe you couldn't live without?
Probably my jeans, cause in Australia it's pretty warm most of the time, so I could go without tops and shoes. But the jeans gives it that rugged look by itself.

5 random facts about yourself. 
Love to travel 
Very easy to get along with

Few things you really love about the place you live... 
Well I usually answer "Australia is really boring" which it is. But lately I've been doing all tourist things with Linda here, it feels good and it can be fun here in Sydney. The life style is just amazing but the bad thing is, everything shuts too early!

Your favorite designers and brands? 
Like I've said previously, I really like nudie jeans. However I really am looking forward to starting up my future branding Raw Saints.

Your best fashion buy
I love vintage shopping. Have to hit up Newtown - The Collective Ensemble. Not sure if they have a website up yet. But worth going to if you want really cool modern vintage look. Bought so many cool Polo Ralph Lauren shirts there too in such a bargained price!

Something that you really wanted but haven't got it
I really want to get this Zara long cardigan jumper overcoat thing. Not sure what it is. But it looks awesome!!!! And I never really buy at Zara in Australia despite being an ex-employee.

Where are your favorite places to shop?
Use to always just shop online that way it prevents myself from having the same thing as people here in Sydney. As we are a smaller city, our fashion is very limited and everyone has the same things. 
So it really varies where I shop by just browsing the net.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where? Why?
If I could go anywhere? I would just go everywhere. I love travelling, I've studied tourism as well and work in the aviation industry in the international airport right now.
I recently just came back from Sweden and that's amazing! I would love to revisit Europe and South America.

What is your favorite thing(s) to eat?
Food food food! I love eating all type of good and very open minded about it. I always think to myself whatever is served, I should eat it all! As some people don't even have enough for food.

You can't leave house without..
Probably my phone and wallet. Without them I won't have money and able to drive. And without my phone, I won't have any excuses to avoid people that I don't want to speak to.

What sites do you visit everyday?
Probably I always go on my Fb even though I'm not really active on it. And my LOOKBOOK and my blog are always up with it. Unfortunately google and YouTube is always a everyday site I visit. 

Your favorite magazine is?
I don't have one, I don't really read magazines.

What makes you laugh ?
Funny people doing funny things. I love sarcasm as well. But nothing beats weird people doing weird stuff in their everyday life.

What was the last thing you bought ?
The last thing I bought.... Hmmm I think it was probably my train ticket...?

If your life could be a film, which would it be ?
Definitely be in batman. Except hopefully I won't be chased by batman but partnership with Mr. Bruce Wang.

Who would you like to be reincarnated as ?

Reincarnation? Hm probably if I was as big and cool probably Thor, that way I can struck anyone I don't like with my hammer. I sure do love my Marvels and DC characters! 


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